Incremental migration to new style acceptence tests

Howdy :wave:,

We have a very mature app that has lots of great acceptance tests and are in the process of trying to upgrade from Ember 2.18 to 3.4. We’re running into issues with some of our updated dependencies only supporting the new style of acceptance tests.

We prefer to do everything in small, incremental commits. Is anyone here aware of any techniques that would allow us to update one test file at a time instead of doing them all at once?

Just to be explicit, we want to move from using moduleForAcceptance to just plain module.

Thanks for any responses!

The newer and older style of tests should still be able to coexist. By “updated dependencies” do you mean some addons don’t work under the older style of tests anymore?

You’re correct that it should be possible to do small incremental migrations, and all the core things were designed to make that possible. So whatever you’re getting stuck on is probably something fixable.