When is the right time to move to async acceptance tests?

I am a huge fan of the new “style” of acceptance tests in Ember.

This to me reads so much clearer that the andThen pattern:

QUnit.test('close temporarily', async function(assert) {
  await click('.something');
  assert.equal(1 === 1);
  await click('.something-else');
  assert.equal(1 === 1);

At Discourse we are still on 2.13.3 today (Apr 2018). I was wondering… is it ok to start making the move now to the new patterns or do we need to hold out till we upgraded to 3.0 ?

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Your ember version won’ t be a problem, I’m using new-style tests in an addon that’s tested back to 2.12. You do need new enough ember-cli-qunit, and you’ll probably want other things that come with newer ember-cli versions, like the eslint configuration. But you won’t need anything that changes the actual ember app.


The newer style testing setup (implementation wise) is tested back to Ember 2.4 so all should be well there. If you’d like to be able to use generators that emit the newer testing style without updating to Ember 3.0 first you can install ember-qunit-nested-module-polyfill addon…