Index loads but ember app content does not


Occasionally my index page of my site loads but my app content does not. Looking at my main.js file I found the router and wondering if there is something incorrect within it to cause ember.js to sometimes not load the page.

function() {
    App.NowplayingRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
        queryParams: {
            movie: {
                refreshModel: !0
            showCriticsPicks: {
                refreshModel: !0
        model: function(a) {
            return console.log(, App.Movie.findAll(a)
        didTransition: function() {
            googletag.pubads().refresh(), console.log("now playing transitioned")



Will give us more readable code :eyeglasses:


Fixed! Apologies about that!


No idea, but in case you don’t know, you might find it useful to pass LOG_TRANSITIONS: true, LOG_TRANSITIONS_INTERNAL: true when calling Ember.Application.create. It will display all transitions in the console, that may be useful to track down your issue.