Installing a library for internal user


Hi all,

I’m a originally a Ruby dev, but we currently have an Ember project that needs to be tackled. All the app does is communicate with one or our client API, so no backend on our part.

In order to authenticate with their API I had a look at and I think most of the concepts I need are there, but there are suttle differences on how to get it work with our client API requirements.

What I would like to do is be able to install Ember cli simple auth token inside my project, and amend it. It won’t need to be published on npm and can live in our internal repo since the changes will be specific to our clients.

If it was Rails I would probably use the Gemfile to point to a local version while developing and then point to a fork for the production ENV.

If there a way to do this in with Ember? Or even better for my scenario, is there a way to get intalled locally in my repo?

I’ve tried to put it inside vendor/ but the app doesn’t seems to find it.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Perhaps do:

npm install path/to/local-ember-cli-simple-auth-dir --save-dev
ember generate ember-cli-simple-auth

You can setup a git repo for the path/to/local-ember-cli-simple-auth-dir


Fork the project or extend from it without your own project to make it work for you. If you’re going the fork route, you can install deps and point to any git repo + branch, in your case probably a private repo, which is fully supported by npm and that entry goes in your package.json.

For developing locally against the fork, you would use npm link or symlink the project directory under node_modules (what effectively npm link does).

mkdir ~/projects &&
cd ~/projects &&
git clone<yourname_after_you_fork>/ember-cli-simple-auth-token.git &&
vi <your project which will consume your fork of simply-auth-token>
# add ember-simple-auth-token under dependencies, wildcard the version
ln -s ~/projects/ember-cli-simple-auth-token ./node_modules/ember-cli-simple-auth-token