Instructions relating to Installations EmberJS


Please give us to Installation Instructions sequence. Next, in which editors to be used. For ex i am using MS VISUAL STUDIO 2013 UPDATE 4, i tried to install handlebars in my html file but result is not getting.Please help us. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTOOD MY PROBLEMS RELATING TO EMBERJS


Hello @vyaspraveena!

Don’t you hear about Ember-CLI?

if you already installed npm, go this site.

follow just instruction. you will use ember.js

I recommend SublimeText. It has good package control(same as plugin) for handlebars and emberjs.


You’ll be better off dropping VS and probably windows (for now at least)

Grab yourself a nice Ubuntu VBox, Sublime or a cup of tea and aninternet connection.

Go with it, you’re going to love it :wink: