Is Any way to send a parameter from one component to other component

I have 2 components print-user and edit-user. print-user will show the details of user stored in database and also have edit button in every row. I have to send the userid of the user where edit button is clicked. In the edit-user components I will fetch the new data for the user(data to be edited). If I press Edit in print-user.hbs. It will redirect to edit-user.hbs. I have to update the data given by the user in edit-user.hbs using the mailid from print-user for e-g: Userid Fname Lname mailid 1 Hari Doss Edit Edit if I press Edit here It will redirect to edit-user.hbs and ask me to enter the data to be modified. If user gave Userid Fname Lname mailid 1 Doss Hari based on the mailid in print-user.hbs I have to update the data in Database. Is there any way to do this

This is a very high-level question without specifics about the issue. Can you restate your question to solve a very specific part of the problem, or be more specific about the particular aspect of your solution that is not working currently?

Generally, this sounds like a routing question. If you are trying to navigate to a edit-user route then you can create the route with a path like /edit-user/:user_id - this will then provide user_id as a parameter when the route is entered and you can use that ID to set up the edit.

You can find out more about routing and how to pass parameters and models around in this article in the ember guides: