Passing Query Parameters Into Form For Component

Hi All,

I have a controller (call it A) with a template (call it B) that has multiple components. Each component is essentially a form. There are multiple query parameters for controller A, and I want to be able to update these query parameters with the form in the component. Currently, I have my component template look like:

{{input value=query_value class="form-control" type="text" size="25"}}

I propagate events from my component upwards to my controller A whenever a submit button is pressed. Controller A will call this.set('query_value', value_here).

I can see the new query parameters in my URL. Howerver, the input fields don’t show the current query params inside the input fields. I don’t want the user to have to retype in what they previously submitted.

How do I handle this case? Any help would be appreciated.


Note: I’m using Ember 1.12.