Is jQuery still a requirement with HTMLBars


I thought I heard a rumor that Ember 1.10 HTMLBars no longer required jQuery. I can not remember where I heard this or if I fabricated that rumor in a dream. Maybe the rumor I heard was that a soon to be released version of Ember would not require jQuery. Either way, if jQuery is no longer a requirement, I’d like to know.

My application targets mobile and it would be nice to be able to use a lighter weight jQuery alternative like Zepto.


It’s still required.


Have you heard anything about jQuery not being required in the near future? I swear I heard this somewhere. This is more of a self sanity check than anything for me. I am trying to assess if dementia is setting in.


Ok. I’m not completely insane. I finally found the source where I read this:


Oh yeah, you’re not crazy. HTMLBars brought a bit step towards that direction. I think Fastboot & Glimmer will be the next steps in that direction because they have mechanisms for interacting with DOM.


I’m so looking forward to 1.13.


Supporting older versions if IE is also a big reason why jQuery is a must at the moment. As it is described here, events are especially hard to deal with without jQuery.