Is there an easy way to define router redirects?


I have a few different cases where I’d like to define a redirect. As far as I can tell, the only way I can do that is by defining a subclass of Ember.Route for each redirect with a setup that calls this.replaceWith. It would be really nice if the router offered a simple DSL. Something like

// People who bookmarked "/oldFoos" get the right page
router.redirect("/oldFoos", "/foos");


// Going to a user means going to her essays unless you specify a different tab:
router.redirect("/users/:id", function(params) {
  return "/users/" + + "/essays";

I have a prototype that works for these cases. It creates a new instance of Ember.Route

  model: function(params) { return params; }
  setup: function(params) { this.redirectTo(destination(params)); }

and generates a unique handler name for that route and maps it.

Would anyone else have any use for this?


One problem with this API is that you can’t take advantage of nesting. An alternative API might be, redirect) {
  match('/foos/:id').to('show_foo', function(match, redirect) {
    redirect('/').to(function(params) {
      return [ 'show_foo_subsection',, 'bars' ];


I like the possibility to let the redirect be specified in the router, and I started a discussion here a few months ago. The outcome was that such a feature might be well suited for an ember-addon package (as stated by @stefan in