Is there any todo application example without using ember controller?

Is there any todo application example without using ember controller???. I dont know how to edit ,update and delete and select all todo

You should still be using controllers


@anaspm Unfortunately, the Ember core team announced too soon that Ember will have controllers removed and introduce routable components instead (as early as January 2015, see Ask Tom and Yehuda: Why are routable components replacing controllers and views in Ember 2.0? - YouTube ). Then, due to apparent technical issues they prioritized other projects. We all jumped into the “no controller” bandwagon and if you read resources from late 2015 / early 2016 you will notice that everybody was assuming routable components will be released “soon”.

Controllers are still part of Ember, and as alexspeller and locks suggest, you should still be using controllers.

I personally rarely use controllers. I don’t dislike them, I simply find that all of my Ember code fits nicely in other parts of the application.

Answering your question, yes, there is a getting started to-do-like tutorial that does not use controllers which instead makes use of routes and components with the data down actions up paradigm. Once you have a bigger app, you will eventually find that in some cases, controllers fit the bill. In my case that has been: (a) declaring query parameters and (b) computed properties for a template. I never use controllers to hold app-wide state, that is better done by a service.