JSON Rest API Books


Does anyone have an good resources for developing a JSON Rest API?

Rails and Ruby is a + but I mainly need a resource where I can learn best practices and techniques for developing a powerful backed to power my ember site.


I don’t have any book listings for you, but I do have some websites that you can checkout:

“JSON API” is a standard for building APIs in JSON. If you’ve ever argued with your team about the way your JSON responses should be formatted, JSON API is your anti-bikeshedding weapon.

Adapters-based API serializers with Hypermedia support for Ruby apps. Read the blog post for context and motivation.

I had been using Active Model Serializers and Ember for a while, but I need the flexibility of JSON API in my E-Commerce app. We just switched to Oat last week and so far, so good.

As far as architecting your URL structure, Rails guards you from quite a bit and keeps your API RESTful.

How much experience do you have with Rails? Are you comfortable with their conventions?



That’s pretty good but general. If you want something specific to Ember, there aren’t any. That’s something I’d be interested in though, like tips and tricks on fine-tuning your API for consumption by Ember.