Junior Web Developer - Cambridge UK

We’re looking for a junior web developer to join our young, friendly and enthusiastic team to help build our online human genomics data platform. Think search and recommendation engine and collaboration tool centered around human genomic datasets.

You will have the opportunity to make a significant impact from the code and ideas you contribute. We are looking for a passionate individual motivated in working with open source tools and sharing our desire to make genomic data work for people.


  • Perks - Agile and creative working environment, quality equipment, team runs, yoga, cheesecake, team events.
  • Contacts - We collaborate with experts across fields of computer science and genomics. Our big support network will help you grow, and you will be constantly learning on the job.
  • Exposure - Learn every aspect of how a startup operates.
  • Experience - Learn all about the development of web platforms and apps.


  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive web development
  • Git and coding as part of an agile team.
  • Ideally you know or you’re familiar with Sass, Ember.js, node.js - gulp, express (we’re happy to teach you).

You are

  • User Oriented - Our apps must be easy to use.
  • Self Motivated – You will be expected to manage your own time.
  • Team Player - We are a small team so communication and team spirit is important.

How to apply

Please send us your CV and cover letter to jobs@repositive.io mentioning the position you are applying for. Remember to mention what motivates you to be part of Repositive as a startup with a strong mission for social impact and what skills and interests you can contribute to our development team. Describe what background you have (if any) that relates to science.

Who we are

Repositive.io enables genomic data discovery, simplifies metadata organisation and provides secure data sharing and collaborations through a privacy-preserving platform. Our mission is to maximise the benefit derived from genomic data within the limit of the donor’s consent for data access and use.

More info

See repositive.io/jobs for the full list of jobs.