Just curious when Ember 1.12 ships

I’m not in any rush or impatient. I was just under the impression that Ember was on 6 week release cycles and I haven’t seen any updates to 1.12 for quite some time. According to Releases - Ember.js 1.12 was intended to ship April 30th. The most current beta is 1.12-beta.1. I only ask because I haven’t heard about any delays on 1.12 and all of the other Ember releases have been spot on (or pretty darn close) to hitting their release targets.

I realize a ton of work must have been going into the glimmer branch, of which I’m quite jubilant. I don’t really care how long it takes to ship 1.12. I was just curious why ember 1.12 is off schedule.

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1.12.0-beta.3 is latest beta, 1.12.0-beta.4 should ship tonight or tomorrow (hopefully), and final should ship by the 11th. These are my tentative dates.

As for reasoning: 100% of my (along with most of the core team) available time has been used to push the Glimmer work to a stable enough point to branch into beta (also assumed to be the 11th).


Ha, for some reason Tomster is stuck on beta 1, even though the files below point to beta 3:

I think that’s what confused @mrinterweb and me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @rwjblue.