Link-to dynamic segment does not trigger component didRender

I’ve got a template with a dropdown built from link-to helpers. Each link-to links to a specified dynamic segment. The dynamic segments share a template that includes a component. When I select a different dynamic segment from the dropdown, the model refreshes, but the component does not appear to rerender.

Can I bind the component to a different event listener than didRender or didInsertElement?

How can I force the component to refresh on transition to a new model? I would have thought that would trigger a rerender.

One of the component’s attributes has to change when you transition. Are you passing the model to the component?

The link-to helpers specify the model

        <li>{{#link-to "" "uid"}}Orgname{{/link-to}}</li>

And the model data is indeed passed into the component in the home template (ignore the if and each, which are there because i’m using the same model to supply data to four different templates

{{#each model as |data|}} {{#if data.home }} {{component data.componentName data=data}}

Sounds like it should work to me. Can you create an Ember Twiddle?