Child component does not re-render on model change

Maybe I am doing this wrong here but here it goes.

I have a component which iterates over an array of ember objects using #each, creating a child component for each entry. This array is the component’s model. Each item in the array is the model for each child.

Later when I call set(‘model’, model); on a child component it does not refresh. When I set individual properties on the model it does refresh.

The parent template:

{{#each model as |m|}} <item-view model={{m}} > {{/each}}

The child template:

<img src={{model.image}} /> {{model.title}}

I am using the latest canary build of Ember (Merge pull request #11511 from stefanpenner/deprecate-ember-create-keys · emberjs/ember.js@af98f59 · GitHub).

I might have missed something when I read your message, but when using bracket components you can’t change the paren’t model object unless you use mut.

Maybe this is your issue? If not, maybe replicating this in a jsbin might help others understand your problem.