Linking Ember-CLI with Vagrant

how in the heck can I get these two to play nice? Anyone? I am soooo desperate here…I have a couole vagrant boxs that I use and I have my ember-cli apps installed on my local Sites dir. I wanted to just build the API out in Laravel and then just use ember to do the rest with the endpoints in tact but damn, Im on day two of trying to figure this out and I am no closer than when I first started! PLase help me!!!

Oh and I made two snazzy ember + laravel and ember + rails wallpapers if anyone is interested.

Thanks, TJ

Hey. What actually the problem is? Ember-cli doesn’t work in vagrant? How it looks like?

Well I’ve got the two working but whenever I check the routes with Postman I get nothing… I will post more in detail a little later. I am trying to to configure barrvdh.laravel-cors package now.

Good news so far. All I had to do was change the code that I was using from a tutorial to what the Laravel docs said to use. Now I get json returned and the Ember Cli app is running in sync with my vagrant box. I am so freaking stoked that this ia ll working. I am k=just going to end this post here because I have a ton of more questions.

Right now I have a very simple api and what I want is a sophisticated API with Authentication. My next project after my API is to start using web sockets.