Live-reloading and custom watcher option not working in macOS

ember-cli: 3.8.3

watchman: 2022.03.14.00

macOS: 11.5.2

ember serve takes more time and live-reloading is not working. I’ve installed watchman and tried --watcher watchman option also. Still having the same issue.

But I found this below error while serving the app

Could not start watchman 
Visit for more info. 
was unable to use: "watchman", fell back to: "node"

Did you have any success with this? I’ve run into the same problem while setting up a new mac.

One possibility is to make sure you have the latest bugfix release of watch-detector. It’s a dependency of ember-cli and if you have 1.0.0 instead of 1.0.1 it can fail to find newer watchman versions. Sometimes people have the older one in a lockfile.

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Thanks for replying @ef4,

I’m actually running off of ember 3.5 and although I can’t see a direct watch-detector dependency, I can see v0.1.0 of watch detector in my node_modules directory.

I did try adding an explicit dependency in my package.json to v1.0.1, and the same warning was shown when I restart ember server. With both versions 0.1.0 and 1.0.1 I see the message: “Could not start watchman” but I don’t see a message saying that t had to fallback to node, and my ember-cli live-reload plugin is working.

Is it possible that watchman is actually being used but because I’m such an old version of ember and brand new mac, that ember is not aware of this. Performance of ember-cli seems good. A bit faster than my old laptop.