Looking for developers to work on ember-cli projects

[Cue the cheesy commercial announcer voice] Do you LOVE building new products? Do you LOVE working on a variety of projects? Is it just EXHILARATING to type ember new?

Then we’re the right company for you.

Seriously though…[cue normal serious software engineer voice] Monsoon does have a great web team with a strong focus on building web apps with Ember and Rails.

We use an agile approach to development, with weekly sprints, demo days, and daily standups. Pairing is celebrated but not mandatory. A well-written test and a green PR from travis CI makes us leap with joy.

Technologies: Rails 4 Ember-CLI Ember 1.7.0 Ember-Data (most recent) Coffeescript Travis-CI Heroku

We are looking for full-time developers who love writing Ember and/or Rails as much as we do.

Monsoon is based in downtown Oakland with easy access to BART. If you aren’t local to the Bay area, we are still interested in talking to you about remote work or re-location.

Here’s a little bit about us:

Monsoon designs, develops, and markets mobile & web applications that help business thrive in a connected world. Our goal is to inspire our employees and partners to do the best work of their lives, by building essential applications for a wide range of industries. We continually refine and test our approach to creating software, and we invest in ideas and teams that we believe in and can serve effectively. Building is a way a of life at Monsoon; everything we do, from design to investment, is focused on getting ideas off the whiteboard and into the hands of users.

Check us out at www.monsoonco.com6 for further information.

If you are interested in discussing further, please send your resume and availability to careers@monsoonco.com.