Lytbulb is looking for awesome ember devs


Lytbulb is a kanban style project manager (think Trello) for engineering companies. We’re focusing on engineering companies because it allows us to build a project manager that fits their specific needs. In particular, projects for these companies involve thousands of people placed in offices all around the world. Our challenge is to present a clear picture of what’s happening in these projects so that they can make better decisions.

While we’re working with enterprise companies the reason that they’re coming to us is that they hate the enterprise tools that they’re using. We’re offering a modern, easy to use product and they’re loving it.

The stack is ember-cli/ember-data/rails but we’re currently transitioning to ember-cli/ember-orbit/firebase to support realtime updates (and to get off ember-data which has caused too many headaches…).

Open source is something that we’re passionate about, our first offering will be orbit-firebase, an orbit.js adapter for firebase. Finding ways to collaborate with the open source community is part of our strategic thinking so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to contribute.

We’re looking to fill two positions, both remote and both flexitime(and we do mean any time):

  1. Contractor for 2 months We’re looking for an experienced ember.js developer who’s up to speed with ember-cli. We’re offering a competitive day rate.

  2. Full time senior developer You’ll be our first hire so we’re looking for someone that’s comfortable taking the lead when required. For this role we’re less worried about your current level of ember.js, if you’ve got solid experience with other technologies we’re happy to help you get up to speed with ember.js. Longer term we’ve also got other products planned so there’ll be an opportunity to lead/build your own project team. The role will include equity and a competitive salary (we prefer a small very high-quality team).

If either role sounds like something you’re interested in get in contact with me at (if you don’t have a CV handy just get in touch anyway, we can discuss your experience on a call). If you’d like to have a casual chat about it I’m very happy to arrange a call, just email me your contact details.