Make Ember table financial collapsible by default


I’m customizing the ember table financial table here -> on localhost but can’t find a way to make the rows to be collapsed by default i.e. such that a user will manually expand the rows.

I have tried setting the isCollapsed property(components/financial-table.js)to ‘true’ but all it does is collapse the whole table and you can’t expand.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

The docs you are pointing to seems to be outdated, aren’t they? They seem to be for version 0.4.1 while ember-table last stable release was 0.9.2 and there is a beta release for 2.0.0 (seems like they skipped 1.x). Readme links to this documentation:

Yes they are outdated, but I needed to use that specific ember-table version 0.4.1 because it has the Financial table while the latest ember table doesn’t. I had tried adding it manually in the latest ember-table version and all it did was directed me to a blank page and no errors with Ember inspector.

Financial table is just an example not another feature. Same functionality should be possible with latest version. If you like, we could have a look together on your code implementing the feature with latest version and see why it’s breaking. That’s definitely the way to go.