Managing work for multiple developers

Next month we will be kicking off a large ember project in our company. We will have 3 developers working on the same application. I’m a little fuzzy about how to split the work between the developers and was curious to hear how others manage that aspect of an ember project?

I suspect most developers using ember will work with the full stack (usually including the backend) so it would make most sense to split work by feature.

Yeah, that would make sense. In my particular case though, the division of functionality isn’t very clear to me yet. Not necessarily an issue with Ember per se. Would you say it’s practical to have each dev working on a particular, individual route (including nested child routes to an extent I guess)?

In my example this will be a point-of-sale application. So I’m struggling with do I have one person work on the product lookup stuff and another work on the cart and another work on the checkout process maybe? Seems like there’d be to much cross-dependencies between what they were doing, no? Some of this is the nature of the application but I’d be interested to hear how folks with more Ember experience in the real-world would deal with this sort of problem.

I’m not sure how many people you’ve got involved or how familiar they are with ember but it might make sense for people to pair up to start with until you’ve got the basic conventions established (there’s plenty of variability even within ember-cli projects) and everyone’s a bit more familiar with the tech. There may also be a fair amount to learn (how to test for instance) and I’d expect teaming up on a single feature to be more efficient for this.