Manipulating graphics in Ember

In the Ember app I am working on I want to implement this functionality:

The following image appears in the screen and the doctor marks the regions where the patient has injuries.


I think that the way to go is to implement a very simple SVG editor, since I only have to add simple markers to the image.

Should I use raster images? d3?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Hm, anything wrong with using <map>?

Never thought about it. Interesting idea. I will make some experiments.

Thank you Ming!

If the shapes are basic, you can use straightforward markup and css. If you need polylines, D3 isn’t hard to work with once you get past the learning hump.

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Seconding the vote for d3. The hump is real, but it’s a very versatile tool that plays well with Ember and seems well-suited for this application. In particular, d3-shape for the actual drawing and d3-selection for mouse & event handling.

@Chris_Lincoln, @davelowensohn I have plans to do a deep dive into d3 in the future. I am working in a Hospital Information System and I think that I can use d3 in many scenarios.

I appreciate your comments.

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