Ember for google docs/presentation app

I have a project where a part needs to implement a basic svg editor for something similar to google presentation.

I have developed two prototypes with snap.svg and svg.js, and for creating the full application, I am biased towards Ember to handle the logic, and one of the svg libs handling the render/manipulation of the document.

Ember wih normal models and handlebars views are perfect for the rest of the app, but for the presentation editor I am not sure if a custom view or a full component is the best solution? Or is it better to start using htmlbars for the entire app?

I dont think htmlbars is available. You can use ember views to interact with the svg lib and use controller/model to manage the interaction.

Thanks, I’ll go for thje ember views. Played with an early version of htmlbars, and it is possible, but it requires a full svg-mouse-keyboard interaction library to be written, so a view with a svg lib is as of now easier.

Curious what can be done in handlebar but not in htmlbars?

It’s the other way around. See bug https://github.com/emberjs/ember.js/issues/2847

Svg will most likely work in htmlbars.