Many Html pages in an Ember Application



  Till now I met some Ember examples which use only index.html page , where we can have many templates. 

  So I am wondering if it is possible to have more than one html page.  If Ember will detecte then automatically to search
  for templates or we need to declare them  ?

Thank you.



Yes, it is possible to store all your templates as separate files in some folder.

You can precompile templates automatically in one file using grunt-ember-templates Grunt plugin. In combination with grunt-contrib-watch you can make it update templates automatically as soon as you edit them.

For more advanced users (in my opinion), there is generator-ember Yeoman generator that does handles complete application build process including templates, minification and style compiling.


Thank you I will see that.


Is it possible to do it without Grunt? I tried Grunt based process once and it made everything very slow.


There is ember-precompile command line utility, but I haven’t used it recently, so I am now sure if it still works well.

You can also give a try to ember-cli (github), but is not just for templates, it will set up whole ember environment, similar to Yeloman’s generator-ember, but without Grunt.


A good alternative to using grunt for your build process is broccoli. It boasts super fast compile times (often less than a second), and already has quite a few plugins to handle the more common tasks like concatenation, minifying, CSS preprocessing and template precompilation. While it’s still in beta, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Well, in this case we should mention another popular Grunt alternative: Gulp :slight_smile: