Meta tags in Ember js 4

I am a new developer of ember. I don’t know previous ember < 4.00. I install and learn ember 4.00. I see that in the application template and other templates, I can use {{page-title 'Value of title'}} to set Page Title for the different routes on my website. How do I do this for meta tags like <meta name="description" content="This is content value" />. I have seen ember head but it is used in only the application template, I am assuming it will put the same meta content on every page. But I want different meta content for different pages. How can I do this easily in ember 4.00? I have seen some addons but their guidelines are backdated.

Without having used it, I think that e.g. GitHub - shipshapecode/ember-meta: Setup meta for your Prember/Ember blog to support opengraph, microdata, Facebook, Twitter, Slack etc. or (more low-level) GitHub - ronco/ember-cli-head: Ember Cli Addon for Adding Content to HTML Head should work just fine in Ember 4?

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Thank you, Francesco Novy, The addon work how I was wanted.