Standard way to set page title


I cannot find definitive way yet. I found this but it does not have a good answer. I checked discussions on Github which ended as addon. I’m reluctant to add addon just to add title. Looks like too much for me.

How do you buddies solve that? TIA


You’d be surprised at how small and lightweight some addons are. Anything you write yourself will probably end up being just as many lines of code, and wouldn’t be battle-tested. Why reinvent the wheel? :slightly_smiling:

That looks like a fairly popular one, and seems to be pretty lightweight too, probably less than 100 lines of code.


I second ember-cli-document-title. We’ve been using it in production for a few months now and it fits our needs perfectly. The token based design makes it easy to display hierarchy in the title.


I agree on ember-cli-document-title. It is an addon I use for every project now.


Thanks guys. I will go for that. Is there a repository of Ember addons somewhere?


I usually look at Ember Observer or Ember Addons when search for addons.