Migrating a 2.18 project to 4.12 : Where is SendAction?

The documentation is not really clear on what the glimmer equivalent of sendAction is or if there is one. I have to dispatch an event that bubbles. It is emitting from an inner component and needs to reach the route. This SHOULD be super simple - but I am missing something. Do I have to prop drill the handler from a route down to the component?

I think the reason the documentation isn’t clear is because you’re attempting a MASSIVE jump in versions. That’s like 5 years of framework development.

But the TLDR answer is no there is no direct equivalent. The programming model has changed significantly and what that really means is that you’ll have to do some rethinking.

Prop drilling is one way to do it… or you could refactor your component structure to be flatter via contextual components or something like that. Depending on why the action needs to reach the route you could potentially rely more on the router service (or some custom service) too, really depends on your use case. But basically action bubbling isn’t part of the programming model in Octane and Polaris, and neither is the action helper or the actions hash for that matter.

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