Mobile Hybrid App, Persisting Routes Across Tabs (routable components?)

Does anyone have a well tested, or well thought out approach to hosting what amounts to multiple ember apps across various tabs?

I’m attempting to build an app with one router that hosts various routes in different iFrames so that when tabbing throughout the experience, the routing of one tab is persisted.

This is basically the one major differentiator between hybrid web apps and native apps. multitasking can actually be accomplished since one can jump between routes and not lose one’s place.

Somehow I imagined that routable components would get me there, but it seems that I had a different perception than what others had.

It seems with a combination of routable components, simple hide/show tabs, and liquid-fire (thanks to @ef4) you could pretty elegantly build a fully featured ember app that behaves exactly like a native app.

If I’m understanding the question correctly, I think this is the idea behind Ember Engines, no?

Unfortunately I thought so as well. But, no. Engines allow you to elegantly distribute development across teams, but Engines are not navigated independently.

Got it. That’s a damn shame. lol

Yes, neither routable components nor engines were ever about this particular issue.

I did anticipate this when I wrote RFC 95. Not in the sense of trying to solve it in one bite, but by creating public APIs that would let people experiment with the best way to do it. (recognizeAndLoad plus with-route-info is all the raw material you need to instantiate your own separate routing in a part of the page).

Shipping every feature in that RFC has taken a long time, because it needs some fairly deep refactoring in router.js and ember-routing, and it’s a crufty area where a lot of people have feared to tread. It is moving forward pretty well at the moment thanks partly to @chadhietala.

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