Multiple-apps on several pages

How to better realize multiple applications on several pages. So, e.g. ember search application run only on /search  web page (backend), and will not run on other web pages. I can write some ember application, and that runned only on certain conditions (e.g. if exists base dom element (rootElement) for app)? Or this is bad practice, and javascript applications files including should be managed by backend? I would like to build one javascript app.js for all pages (grunt, require etc). Question about it.

Thanks all for attention!

Hi there. Did you ever find an answer to your question about multiple simultaneous nested applications?

I havent used ember-islands myself but I think its trying to solve this problem.

Thanks @dpreston, for the reply. From my brief reading, it sounds like it’s an integration scenario for server rendered applications that want to introduce “islands” of ember-ness. I’m looking to solve the problem of being able to render, client side, multiple ember applications within each other.

The docs on ember-islands seem to indicate the fundamental problem with Ember - that two apps can’t attach themselves to the same section of DOM.

I saw your other posts after I replied and realized I had probably misunderstood your situation.

Does your embedded app require features (routes, data models etc) that a complex component cannot provide?

Yeah, thanks for the quick replies. From what I’ve read “embedded” seems to imply that an application (only one) is just stuck inside of another server-rendered application. This is not that scenario.

It’s unfortunately more of a many nested client-side application scenario. There will be between 10, 50, potentially hundreds of applications available for a user to take advantage of, each with different functionality. So, one application may need to be utilized inside of another (B “inside of” A), or the nested relationship could be reversed (A “inside of” B). The nestedness really needs to be independent of the API/framework. I need to “stick” an application into the DOM wherever it needs to go, independent of whether the framework plays well with it being at that particular location.

I’m fine with having to program around the root url location of where the application and/or component should be rendered, but Ember seems to be generally incapable of nesting one application inside another.

Realistically, I need to nest the applications (or components of the application) at least up to 5 levels deep.