Multiple errors when viewing in IE11 on Windows 7

Hi, all. Are there other users who are facing the following issues when viewing in IE11.

  • API pages: “Error while processing route: project Object doesn’t support property or method ‘includes’ TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘includes’”
  • Releases/stable, Blog, About/Team: ‘Symbol’ is undefined.

Hi @miketeo2000, thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: it’s quite possible that this issue hasn’t been reported before. Could you please file an issue on for the api pages & for the other one?

Would you post some screenshots about the website issues too? I have Windows 7 and IE11 and cannot reproduce these issues.

Hi, the blog page will result in ‘Symbol is not defined’ error if you have the developer tools open.

I have raised issue #3253 on github’s emberjs/website.


Hi All,

I too am having the same problem. Most of the pages seem to work but the API pages never load for me ( tough going considering I’m writing a Ember prototype at the moment ) Unfortunately I don’t have access to another browser on this machine.

I will update the GitHub ticket #3253 as well .

@terminalpunk - That seems like a different issue than the one reported in I opened to track that down…