MySQL - JSON Functions?


Hey, i’m new here, and i’m new with Ember.

now i’m stuck on the data store to the database … i’ve alot of expiriance with mysql, firebird and other sql databases, so i decided to take one of them, but it wount work …

right now i’ve found an MySQL - JSON Functionality on the official MySQL homepage ( can someone help me with it? how to set it up?

or should i take any othe backend? but witch one?


Ember Data prefer json api as backend, which not available in many json product yet, but if you familiar rails, you can start with Rails API and active_model_serializer


Usually one would use a backend server like Django, Rails or Node.

If MySQL can now work natively with JSON (that’s cool!) AND replace several other functions of an API server… you could let it send/receive its own JSON format, and adapt that format on your Ember Data serializer to make it conform to JSON API (which is what Ember Data requires internally).

An example here:


Thanks a lot for your replies!

Unfortunatly i’m not familliar with Rails … but i can get into it if i need … my basic problem is the database selection … i do undestand how ember-data works passing the models in json syntax between the application and the database, but i can not get there … i fail configuring the database to speak json … that why i thought of mysql json functions presented by mysql labs …

what would be your chois? what kind of DB? whitch Backend API?