Ember.js + Ember Data + PostgreSQL


I’m starting to study Ember.js but I’m having trouble understanding how to connect Ember.js with PostgreSQL using Ember-data.

My main problem is finding a complete example where I can study how I would do this.

I know I have to create a jsonapi to provide the data. My goal is using Node.js to provide the data and to receive new data from Ember. I’ve found these projects that seems to provide what I want:

Anyone knows where I can find a complete example of a project using Ember with a PostgreSQL jsonapi server implemented in Node.js?

Preferably a simple project where I can understand the basics of getting a connection running and show the data in Ember.

Any help appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Not exactly what you are looking for, but I have an example with rails-api backend and ember frontend. You can find the implementation log in Readme. https://github.com/zoltan-nz/bookstore-api, https://github.com/zoltan-nz/bookstore-client

Database is interchangeable. The Ember.js app would be the same if you would use Node.js backend with Postgres SQL and your Node.js backend would generate JSONApi standard payloads. This is the reason, why Ember Data is so great. You write one app, and you can change your backend without changing the frontend implementation.

If I found some great example for node.js, postgresql, I will share with you.

Additionally, you can learn Ember from my free Ember.js tutorial, if you have time.


Thanks… it’s a start. I’ll take a good look at it.