How to connect mySQL and emberJS framework to send and retrieve data

I am attempting to connect the db with emberJS framework as user’s answers and admin’s question are to be stored in DB and retrieve and show the admin the answers (yes, like feedback form). How can I do it?

Since Ember is a Javascript framework that runs in user’s web browsers, it can’t talk directly to your database. You will need a server that exposes API endpoints to the web and then talks to your database.

How to build an API server is a big topic and it depends a lot on your team and existing backend tech stack.

Just to pick a few examples, you could use:

  • Rails with Graphiti for a JSON:API-compliant API
  • Apollo Server for a GraphQL API
  • Node with Koa or Express to write everything by hand at a fairly low level, if your needs are simple and you want to stick with Javascript.
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Thank you Edward. Got your point