How to get query data from Java to ember

I have written a program to get the data from the DataBase Using JDBC. I want to send the data of this ResultSet and iterate them in the emberJs.(I know how to get the data and iterate them But I want to know how to send the ResultSet rs to the ember). ResultSet rs=Queries.Set.test1();

You’ll need an API layer to do this. Ember is a front-end framework and relies on a browser protocol like HTTP or websockets to send requests/responses to/from the server. The server needs to provide an API layer for the Ember app (but really “the browser”) to talk to in a way that it understands. So it sounds like you have a Java app of some sort, and you have a database, and you’re pulling records from the database with JDBC, but now you need a layer to handle client requests, generate a ResultSet and then serialize it into JSON and send back to the client as a response. I’m not super familiar with Java so I can’t point you in the right direction very well, but maybe something like Spring is what you want?

Regardless of server language you use the gist is you need a language and associated libraries and then you need a web framework of some sort. So some common examples are:

  • Ruby [language] => Rails [web application framework]
  • Node.js [language] => Express [web application framework]
  • Python [language] => Django [web application framework]
  • Java [language] => ??? Spring maybe?