Named imports from Ember and Ember-Data in Ember-CLI

I am migrating a project from using Gulp/RequireJS to Ember-CLI. Here is a sample of the RequireJS configuration the project was using:

  shim: {
    'ember': {
      deps: ['jquery', 'handlebars'],
      exports: 'Ember',
      init: function() {
        // Support ES6 default import.
        return this.Ember['default'] = this.Ember;

This would support three import styles:

import Ember from 'ember';
module Ember from 'ember';
import { Controller, RSVP, Logging, run } from 'ember';

The third style is used in hundreds of source files.

Would it be possible to configure the Ember-CLI resolver to allow the third style of import from ‘ember’ and ‘ember-data’? Currently it is only possible to import Ember from 'ember'; and import DS from 'ember-data'; because the import only has a default key. This would be a good feature for teams that prefer using named imports.