Using ember-cli's resolver without ember-cli


I would like to use Ember with ES6 modules and the costume Resolver of ember-cli, but without the whole ember-cli stack… can I? Is it just a matter of importing it and replacing the default? Anyone tried it? I’m using lineman and really like it… and ember-cli is in a very early stage.


I’ve done exactly that. Just include the JJ Abrams Resolver before you init your Ember app and it works like a charm. (I’m using a Grunt workflow myself).

That’s great, thanks! So I guess you’re also using, right? Any other interesting stuff you are using in the workflow?

I am using that Transpiler indeed.

Other than that, I’m not doing anything terribly interesting. (I wish I could say I was!)

I’m having a hard time configuring the es6-module-transpiler task… maybe you could help?

The problem I think is I’m using coffeescript task before the transpiler which concatenate all coffee into one js file… which I think the transpiler can’t use… right? (it needs each module to be defined in its own file… i think)

Did you had this issue?


never mind… solved using grunt’s dynamic mapping