Using addons (ember-resolver) without ember-cli


Does anyone have a good solution to using addons (specifically ember-resolver) without needing ember-cli?

I’m working on a Python projectthat will allow users to install plugins that may contain Ember engines to be loaded into the frontend, since I don’t want this process to be “edit frontend project, build, deploy”. I’m using WebAssets and dukpy to handle building es6 module into amd modules as well as precompiling HTMLBars templates (ironically, I thought this was going to be the hard part), and assuming I can get ember-resolver and ember-load-initializers built into individual script files it should work without a hitch.

I’m really liking ember, and I choose it for this project explicitly because the engine addon will make handling this extensible UI an easy feat - but I’m getting quite annoyed at how everything centers around ember-cli without forethought to complicated systems that might warrant an external build process (at worst there should be a way to build an addon into an individual script file even if it requires ember-cli to do so).