Need help bringing input masking library to Ember

Hi folks,

I made this input masking library and I want to make it conveniently available to Ember developers.

I need help making an Ember addon that wraps it. The wrapper should be something around 50 lines of declarative type code.

As an example, here is the Angular 2 wrapper.

Could also pay for help.

Thank you!

Id be happy to help or contribute to an ember-addon.

I had bit of a go but I got stuck on importing the library into the ember addon.

I installed the npm module but Ember-cli couldn’t find it…

If someone can help with how to import an npm module into an ember-cli-addon I’d have go at creating wrapper for your library.

Thanks so much for taking a look, Loz!

I’m not sure how the typical Ember Addon is made, but I would imagine that you would clone Text Mask, create a folder inside it called ember, and then inside that folder create the Text Mask Ember wrapper (addon).

Could you ping me on the Slack Ember Community? My username there is mksafi

Thanks a lot!