New Ember Authentication Library

I’ve just released EmberAuthEasy, a new (token) authentication library for Ember.js, along with an accompanying Rails Engine, EmberAuthRails

It builds on the awesome EmberAuth library, and the Rails Engine builds on Devise.

The selling point is that you can setup authentication for your Ember.js app with two lines of code.

Right now EmberAuthEasy offers the ability to login, logout, and register. After login, all subsequent requests have an authentication token parameter added to them.

I’m super excited to iterate on this, add new functionality, and assist anyone who kicks the tires. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you have anything at all you’d like to say about the lib, please do not hesitate to reply, or email me at

Happy Coding!

Looks great, I look forward to trying it out. I took a quick glance at the setup instructions and I’m curious, is there any particular reason why you didn’t use injections to setup the app?

@tarasm Only reason is that I’m not familiar with them. I’ve seen inject used in the Ember source, but have not used them myself. I will check out that approach.

Thanks for the feedback!

Here are some resources ember.js - How and when to use Ember.Application register and inject methods? - Stack Overflow and EPF code is a good example

@mharris717 Thank you for your libraries. I am building an app that has an Ember 1.3+ frontend which is served separately from the Rails 4+ backend which is using Devise 3.2.1. Do you know of an example of an app that uses both EmberAuthEasy and EmberAuthRails?

As far as I understand from their source code they both handle clientside logic, so it is EAE or EAR question. And one should still write all the server side logic by himself as it was removed from devise. So, you probably aslo would like to use though it doesn’t support sessions, per se. Also if you would like to have ability for users to save passwords in the browser you gonna have bad times :smiley:

Thanks for the question.

EAE and EAR will work together to make setting up your auth as easy as possible. I’ll try and round up and example app for ya.