Node.js Based Workflow for Ember Apps

A friend created this skeleton for building Ember apps with Node. It can be used for either generating HTML/CSS/JS or running a server. Unit/functional testing can also be enabled, and it has more things. He doesn’t want to publicize it so I figured I’d help share. :wink:

I wish more people would put more effort into more proven projects instead like this or this. That way we can have more proven skeletons people can point to instead of having lots of wheels reinvented.

Well, I didn’t use any of these, It’s very simple.

The only thing I needed is to compile handlebars into template.js.

So much for positive feedback / constructive criticism. :\

I have created a simple photo gallery app (actual source : Ember.js: Rich Web Applications Done Right)

this works with nodejs as the server side… See if it helpful