Nodejs and ember


Is it possible to use Nodejs and ember? Does Jade template’s work with emberjs


Generally speaking, Ember applications should use Handlebars templates, which you can compile using grunt-ember-templates. You can call that library from grunt to build a template.js file, or you can look into one of the following tools to manage and build your application:

Why Handlebars via grunt-ember-templates and not Jade? Because all of Ember’s enormously useful commands {{...}} are all based on tight integration between Ember and Handlebars. This is how Ember can automatically re-render precise parts of views whenever your data changes.


I found this very helpful. It is a Node app using MongoDB and Ember.


Also if you don’t like Handlebars’ verbose syntax you can try Emblem, which is more similar to Jade


@darthdeus, its been awhile, what do you think of Emblem now?