Not detected file changes on browser

Hi~ Can anybody knows how to deal with this problem?

situation: File changes is not applied on browsers though I did manually refresh it by F5 (on chrome, ember cli: 3.0.0). When ember server is initially loaded, the changes are worked but when the same stuff is modified, it is not applied on browser as well as not refreshed though terminal says that the file is changed.

1.I quess live reload is working well because file changed …this statements are shown on terminal.

2.“liveReload”:true in ember cli is already tried but things are the same.

  1. What I have found out so far is that vendor.js in the assets has not been changed though is rebuild after reloaded and vendor.js still see the previous code which should have changed to what I changed. I think vendor.js has not detected code changes. any ideas plz??

Which files are you changing? You mention vendor not updating, but most of the things that go into there are not watched for changes by default, because they’re typically third-party packages.

Thank you very very much for your advice.

My source code needs many individual domains so I made them as an addon and they eventually get into all in vender.js .

I put this

 isDevelopingAddon: function() {
    return true;

for each addon in index.js

and for application package.json I put this in

  "scripts": {
    "build": "ember build",
    "start": "ember server",
    "test": "ember test"

so It worked till now.

When app is reloaded, is updated and vendor.js is not… references that corresponding addons in it. but somehow it cannot catch the vender.js changes any more and vendor.js is not updated…

In develop tool on chrome, I can find the file has been changed from addon-tree-output but vendor.js still looks the previous code. I guess that is why vendor.js is not updated.

but I have no idea how to make it cover to catch it…

plz let me get some ideas. Thank you very very much~


The thing made my app not catch vendor.js changes was “ember-auto-import”

that was 1.2.5 at first but the version changed into 1.2.8 about a week ago and now I make it back to 1.2.5 and It catches vendor.js perfectly now.

Yikes, that is worth filing a bug on ember-auto-import, so I’m opening