Live reload not working properly, ember-cli 3.6.0


Hi, I am new with ember, currently I am using ember-cli 3.6.0 and live reload is not working properly, it only reloads automatically when I remove or add files, but it does not when I modify files. I am using Visual Studio Code for editing.

Here is my .ember-cli file:

{ “disableAnalytics”: true, “ssl”: true, “usePods”: false, “liveReload”: true }

Can you tell me what I did wrong here ?


Hi @EUGinsane, what operating system are you using?

And if you’re on OSX or Linux, do you have watchman installed?


Really sorry for my lack of knowledge, you just gave me the reason why this happened to me. I just checked .watchmanconfig file:

{ “ignore_dirs”: [“tmp”, “play”, “dist”, “node_modules”, “app”, “tests”] }

It ignores all important folders :smiley: Thanks @ef4