Live reload not working properly, ember-cli 3.6.0

Hi, I am new with ember, currently I am using ember-cli 3.6.0 and live reload is not working properly, it only reloads automatically when I remove or add files, but it does not when I modify files. I am using Visual Studio Code for editing.

Here is my .ember-cli file:

{ “disableAnalytics”: true, “ssl”: true, “usePods”: false, “liveReload”: true }

Can you tell me what I did wrong here ?

Hi @EUGinsane, what operating system are you using?

And if you’re on OSX or Linux, do you have watchman installed?

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Really sorry for my lack of knowledge, you just gave me the reason why this happened to me. I just checked .watchmanconfig file:

{ “ignore_dirs”: [“tmp”, “play”, “dist”, “node_modules”, “app”, “tests”] }

It ignores all important folders :smiley: Thanks @ef4

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