Optimize by Render Performance Inspector

Hi there! How do you optimize render? Now, my app is loaded about 350 ms, but in mobile devices, I watch a white screen(my app is loaded and ready to work), and then after one second I can see view.

I’m not so sure it’s the render speed that you want to optimize, especially without some more details. From what you described it seems like your issue is with the boot time, which is typical of javascript apps. Because downloading the vendor.js and app.js is just the beginning. Thereafter, a bunch of stuff happens before Ember can know what to show your users it’s worse on mobile, especially if you need Ember Data to fetch some json first.

My advice, ensure you have a loading template to atleast show a spinner but the best solution is to use an addon conveniently called ember-cli-fastboot that’s what I use for my App.

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