Overriding `query` in adapter

I want to override the query method on an adapter to get some special behavior, but that method is marked as “private”, which makes me a little uneasy. Is there any problem with doing this, or some alternative approach?

What exactly are you trying to do? There are some public hooks available that might be able to accomplish the same thing.

I want to cache the payload and return a piece of it first and then more pieces on subsequent queries. In other words, a kind of virtual client-side pagination. The intent is performance optimization, to allow pieces of a large query to be loaded in the store one-by-one without blocking.

Ahh — and I’m assuming that this is not something you cannot change on the back end…

I think I’ve done something similar…and overrode the query method myself. I’m going to punt on attempting to answer and see if there’s anyone else that might be able to provide some insight as to why it’s marked private. I think your use case is perhaps a good reason why it shouldn’t be.