Passing A Promise to Helpers


is there any way to pass a promise not yet fullfilled from a template to an helper?

What kind of Promise is it? What is the helper doing?

In the route i return multiple models with RSVP.hash() function. i would like to pass one of these models to an helper from the template. The promise seems to be unsolved if I use the helper. If i use a simple #each everything works.

The helper should print a select of each value of the model in a

The route will wait on all of the models inside the RSVP.hash to be resolved before rendering the template, so something else might be going on? :thinking:

You can try this

the route wait until all models has to be resolved, but in my template if i call an Helper and i try to pass as a parameter one of the models inside the RSVP.hash it seems that is still trying to getting. if I print the model inside the Helper the result is:

Object { __ember1501508259365: “ember555”, store: Object, _internalModel: Object, id: Getter, currentState: Object, isError: false, adapterError: null, OVERRIDE_OWNER [id=__ember1501508259365702189462658]: Object, _super: ROOT(), validationsMixinCount: 5 }

You need to provide us with the relevant bits of your code.

this is my route


export default Ember.Route.extend({

model(){ var store = this.get(‘store’);

return store.findAll('report').then(
    var temp = record.objectAt(0);
    return Ember.RSVP.hash({
        reports: temp == undefined ? store.createRecord('report') : temp,
        outcomes: store.findAll('outcome'),
        seriousness: store.findAll('seriousness')

} });


{{radio-button-group model.reports.patient_age_group "patient_age_group" model.reports}}


export function radioButtonGroup([value, name, modello]) {

let arr = lista;
var out = ``;

if (name == 'patient_age_group') {
    for(var i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {
      out += `<label class="vertical col-6">` +
       `<input type="radio" name="`+ name +`" value="` +
       arr[i].valore + `"` + (arr[i].valore==value ? ` checked="checked"`: ``) +
        `> `+ arr[i].nome + `<p>` + arr[i].descrizione + `</p></label>`;

In the template i pass the last parameter ‘model.reports’ that is one of the promises of the RSVP.hash, but in the helper if try to log in console that i see the result that i pasted above. I’m sure that the promises of RSVP.hash are fulfilled. Hope you can understand now!

With Ember Data the records aren’t plain JavaScript object, so printing them always shows a complex output. What you saw printed was an Ember Data Record, not a Promise

Try print modello.get('patient_age_group') and see what you get. You need to use .get on the model to retrieve properties as this is how all the relationship matching works