Passing view options with Ember.Route.render

I have a ConfirmationView which I wish to render into an application level named outlet on certain unrecoverable actions (eg ‘delete’).

My ConfirmationView is using Ember.ViewTargetActionSupport wiht the intention that it can send an appropriate controller action for the ‘cancel’ and ‘confirm’ actions. In order to leverage the functionality of Ember.ViewTargetActionSupport I need to pass options into the view corresponding to the controller action names for the ‘cancel’ and ‘confirm’ view actions. This is possible to do from handlebars template.

However it does not seem possible to do this with Ember.Route.render(), I can see there are options to specify the outlet, controller, abd the view name but nothing to actually pass in a view or options to the view which is created in render().

Anyone have some ideas on how to make something like this work?

btw. I heave read the Ember documentation on using a modal component however that doesn’t really work in practice because it can only handle a-priori known actions (ie only ‘close’ in the Ember documentation example), it cannot handle actions that a yielded block in the modal body may wish to emit. I am basically using an Ember.View instead to remove that limitation, but running into what appears to be functionality gap in passing view options when rendering into an named outlet.