Pods: Components in namespace


I have my components stored in pods structure, placed in directory: app/pods/components/myownnamespace and there go the components’ folders. I use them in templates like this: {{myownnamespace.my-component}}

Recently, I upgraded from Ember 2.8 to Ember 2.11 and noticed that I cannot find the components inside the namespace and had to move them outside, to app/pods/components directory (like Ember could not interpret the namespaces). Do I miss some kind of new feature / newly added configuration, or is it a bug?

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I don’t sub-organize like that but I think (could be wrong) you have to separate with / instead of a period. Ex: {{myownnamespace/my-component}}

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I don’t use the pods but I do try and group my components - such as forms/fieldset-name - so - @Panman8201 is correct - that you need use the component with the / - {{forms/payment-fields}}