Ember 2.0 and pods?


I just read https://gist.github.com/samselikoff/1d7300ce59d216fdaf97 and it says “use pods”

I’ve not used pods before and there doesn’t seem to be a vast amount of information available on it.

Given pods maybe the future I would love to know more about how, why it is to be the future and what peoples experiences with pods has been.

bonus points if you happen to know how if pods and routable components will work together


We are happily using pods. With Ember cli generate commands, you just add --pod and the files are placed in the appropriate pod folder. It makes working with the route/template/controller file sets much easier since they are grouped together.


In terms of “why pods?” one reason given is that with the move towards a simplified, component based architecture it will become difficult to navigate the enlarged app/components and app/templates directories. With the pod structure, all related files will be co-located making it a lot easier to work with.

(@ebryn also showed off a very cool demo of automatically namespaced CSS from inside the pod structure at EmberConf: CSS is Hard )