What's up with pods? I'm pretty happy without, but they sound smart

In some tutorials I see a different directory structure.

In some threads I hear about these pods.

In this blog post How To Setup Your Project With Ember Pods all is revealed,

BUT – is this something I should move toward now? ~ or is it kinda iffy in the long run? Certainly seems smart… drag and drop your functionality from one app to another. - maybe a faster look up in the text editor?

I don’t ever really ‘look’ at my app structure, because I just use command > p in sublime, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to love them.


This seems to be their current state: https://github.com/ember-cli/ember-cli/issues/2646


My suggestion to you is to create a project with a few routes, templates, components and so on. I guarentee you that within an hour you will see the light :slight_smile:

This conversation will be of interest to you: https://twitter.com/_HHFF/status/634742404206063616